BUY A THING! False Nostalgia

(note: BUY A THING! Is not a sponsored post, it’s just me talking about the products I love.)

I’m not an especially girly person–it took me 22 years to finally agree to get my ears pierced.  I think makeup is an irritating waste of fifteen minutes in the morning, and my husband still has to tell me what outfits actually match.  And yet, I have always had a special place in my heart for bath and body products–body washes, perfumes, and lip glosses.  Anything that makes me smell pretty and feel a little bit fancier while I get ready for the day (So why not makeup?  Just no.  Shut up).

A few months ago, I was killing time scrolling through the “Geek” board on Pinterest.  You will hear this intro a lot, as it is how I kill A LOT of time.  Too much time, really.  It is also how I discover some of the most awesome things in the world.  I came across an ad for Doctor Who perfume. DOCTOR WHO PERFUME!  For Amy and Rory and Nine and Ten and Eleven and HOLY MOOSE I MUST CLICK THIS RIGHT NOW AND BUY ALL THE THINGS AND–wait.  It’s just a picture on DeviantArt.

As real as this advertisement. ARTISTIC EXPRESSION FOILS ME ONCE AGAIN!

In my frustration, I began to realize that I was forgetting the golden rule of the internet: if it has been thought of, SOMEBODY has no doubt actually made it and is selling it online.  So I Googled “Doctor Who Perfume” in hopes of getting lucky.

I got more than lucky–I found one of the greatest Etsy shops it has ever been my pleasure to encounter: False Nostalgia.

Go on, go look.  If you don’t see anything for sale, you can get an idea of what goes on there by looking at the past sales.

I’ll wait.

You back?

Needless to say, the Doctor Who scents were the first to catch my attention. I now own three Doctor Who perfumes (one for each nuWho Doctor!), one River-inspired lip tint, and a bar of handmade soap inspired by the majestic descriptions of Time Lord homeworld Gallifrey.  Every single one that I have tried has been an absolute hit.

Then, I started looking at the other goodies she had to offer.  Hunger Games! Firefly!  Harry Potter! I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of amazing scents, and at a loss for what to try.  I decided to go with her scent inspired by Peeta, my most recent book crush (seriously, he’s adorable), especially since the scent itself is based off of my favorite recurring theme in the Hunger Games–the Dandelion in the spring, hope for Katniss that things can get better. I also purchased St. Albans, a sexy-sweet homage to another space-traveling doctor we all know and love.  Again, I have yet to be disappointed.

In addition to the fantastic scents themselves, and the quality products bearing said scents, it’s worth mentioning that the proprietor of this fine etsy shop gives AMAZING customer service.  She’s friendly and approachable, obviously loves what she does, what she makes, and what she bases her products on.  To top it off, she often includes little surprises, like samples or stickers or other geeky goodies, just to brighten your day!  It totally works, too.  Every package I’ve gotten from her has made a dull day awesome again.

Look at your man. Back at me. Sadly, he is not a fictional character.  But with these fragrances, he could smell like one.

Look at your man. Back at me. Sadly, he is not a fictional character. But with these fragrances, he could smell like one.

Right now I’m wearing GERONIMO! Her scent inspired by the 11th Doctor.  It smells like a jammy dodger–warm shortbread and fruity jam and holy moose I’m craving cookies now.  Seriously folks, check out False Nostalgia if you’re in the market for something that smells lovely and still reflects your geeky loves.  You will not be disappointed.

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