BUY A THING! Rifftrax

I have a confession:


I love watching Twilight.

Still reading? Okay, good, because that statement comes with a serious qualifier: I love watching Twilight for the sole purpose of making fun of it.  It’s a terrible movie.  The scripting, the effects, the nonexistent character development. . . it’s hilariously awful.  I have a weak spot for awful movies.  I love to watch them and make snarky comments about them, cracking jokes with my friends into the wee hours of the morning.  You know, like these guys:

If this were a screencap from Twilight, the movie would be 1000% better.


I’m a bit young to have been a part of the glory days of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but fortunately I was blessed with geeky parents and the magic of Netflix.  My mother introduced my friends and me to MST3K one night with their coverage of Eegah!, a horror(?) film starring James Bond’s Jaws as a caveman from the dawn of time.  It’s exactly as terrible as you would imagine it to be, and the resulting commentary is hilarious.

Unfortunately, the late 80s/early 90s are behind us now.  MST3K no longer graces our television screens with its sweet, sarcastic fruit.  Fortunately for my twisted sense of humor, though, the men behind the magic are still at work.  Thanks to advances in entertainment technology, they are able to package up their hilarious offerings and serve them to you as downloadable movie commentaries, able to sync with the movie of your choosing so that you can enjoy the fun of Mystery Science Theater with today’s epic cinematic failures.

I present to you, hungry denizens of the internet, Rifftrax.

Go on, go poke around there and come back.

Pretty much any popular movie that is released nowadays gets the Rifftrax treatment, to varying degrees of humor.  In my opinion, they’re always funniest when the movie itself was terrible–although I’m not above poking fun at movies that I love, either.  Their work on Twilight is absolute magic.

WordPress won’t let me embed the video, so click on this for a highlight reel of Twilight’s Riff.


The Twilight series isn’t the only golden collection on Rifftrax, though.  Another favorite of mine is their treatment of low-budget environmental horror film extraordinaire, BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror.  If you haven’t seen this movie. . . well, I really can’t recommend it unless you have a high pain tolerance or the same twisted sense of humor that I have.  If you DO want to watch it, it’s available for instant viewing on Netflix.  Get the Rifftrax.  It’s the only way to make it through.

I hope that if you need a laugh this week, you can gather some friends, pop some popcorn, sync up a Rifftrax commentary, and have a ridiculously good time laughing at the cinematic train wreck of your choosing.  I know it always makes me feel better.


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