BUY A THING! Adagio Tea

This year, I fell in love with tea.

It happened rather suddenly, really.  At the time, I was interested in finding drinks that were healthier for me to enjoy.  My husband had expressed an interest in doing loose-leaf tea, because it is technically cheaper by the cup and also gives better flavor/nutrition benefits.

Okay, he was WAY more interested in the price/flavor than the nutrition benefits, but I was interested in all three.

I have been in love with chai tea since late high school/early college.  Other than that, though, I thought I didn’t really like tea.  I would soon discover that the truth was, I didn’t like the teas that my mother had kept in the house when I was young.  I really had no idea there were so many varieties of tea (varieteas?) to be discovered.  When I started researching loose leaf teas for my husband, though, my eyes were opened.

People, there is a whole lot of tea out there in the world.

Honestly, the sheer variety of teas available to me was not what caused me to decide to branch out in my tea-enjoying journey.  The thing that did that, pretty much singlehandedly, was this site.

Go explore, you should know the drill by now.

On the surface, Adagio may look like any other loose-leaf tea site.  That is, until you get to the “blends” section.  Anybody can create a blend.  You can mix up to three teas together, in nearly any ratios you desire, and even add little mix-ins like apple pieces or marigold petals or cinnamon bark.  You can create a unique flavor profile just for you, or you can share it with others.

Lots of people have shared their blends, made them available to the public.  Many of those blends, gentle reader, are what Adagio calls “Fandom Blends”–tea blends inspired by your favorite books, movies, television shows. . . and that was what convinced me that maybe I should be trying new teas.  Because if I could get Doctor Who teas, or Sherlock teas, or Avengers teas. . . the possibilities (possibiliteas? Someone stop me.) were endless.  Some of these tea blenders are also artists, and create amazing custom tea label artwork for their blends.  It is kind of the most ridiculously exciting thing ever.

THE NINTH DOCTOR HAS A TEA. AND IT IS DELICIOUS. (click the image to see this blend)

Though I have also experimented now with several other teas that Adagio has to offer, my heart still rests largely with the blends.  I’m hoping to eventually make some of my own blends, based on characters/series that I love.  Right now, though, I’m mostly just enjoying trying ridiculously awesome varieties of tea that others have blended and shared.  I’ll probably do reviews on a lot of them individually, but today, take these thoughts with you:

Tea is awesome.

Tea is good for you.

You should drink tea.

You should drink Adagio tea.

You should buy fandom blends because they are super cool.

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