Easing Back into the Bathtub

Hey everybody!

Husband and I are back home after a good week.  I am still getting reoriented to the world of responsibilities/homework/life, and it literally only occurred to me about halfway through today that I have a blog that I should be updating.

Regular posts will commence again soon.  I have much to say, new Doctor Who and Devotions posts to put up, geeky rants about awesome things, and an exciting announcement about something geeky going on in the next month or so.

Until then, though, please enjoy this open letter to the USA Network that I posted on my tumblr earlier today.  It covers some of my frustrations with media nowadays and network television’s inability to see the writing on the wall.

If you tumbl (is that a verb?  It should be a verb.  I declare it to be so. NOW.), and you feel so compelled, go ahead and give me a follow.  I mostly reblog fandom things, with the occasional micro-rant about tea, geekiness, life, or even internet streaming, as discussed below.

Until next time, here’s that post, and a random gif of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock because it makes me giggle:


Dear USA Network/Hulu,

Network television is dead.  Long live streaming.  You already know this and stream all of your content.  Yet you still insist on making it unavailable for the first month after it airs.

This does not make me think “oh my good golly gosh!  I should call my local cable/satellite provider about shelling out ridiculous amounts of money every month to have access to a bazillion different channels that I don’t want, all so that I can sometimes watch this one show when it airs rather than waiting an extra month!”

Instead, it makes me think “Oh yeah, that show is still on.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll watch it some day when I’m ridiculously bored.  Right now I’ll rewatch every episode of Doctor Who.”

In other words: you are costing yourself viewers by not making your content available immediately.

If you’re going to stream, get with the program.  If you aren’t going to stream, then hold off and let us shell out the money for the DVD sets or whatever.  Then, of course, you would lose a huge number of viewers entirely, since streaming is the way of the future, but the choice is yours.

How about this?
-Release your episodes via streaming next-day, like every normal network does.
-Create a lot of online buzz, like you already do.
-Maintain the interest of your online viewers by keeping them engaged on a weekly basis with both your media content AND your actual episodes, increasing your fan base and, therefore, (presumably) your cash flow.

A fan with no attention span who keeps forgetting that my favorite shows are even alive.

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