TEA REVIEW! Molly Hooper Blend

Here in the Midwest, we have this interesting phenomenon that occurs every so often where spring doesn’t actually happen, ever.  Oh sure, spring PRETENDS like it’s coming–we get a few days of warmth, wind, and rain, and the plants start to stretch and shake off the pallor of the winter months, and peek their little green heads of new growth out towards the coming fair skies. . . and then . . .

BAM! Snowstorms and freezing temperatures for another week.

Pictured: Hoodie weather in the Midwest.

And so it continues on like this through the supposed spring months, with the weather systems at war, until sometime just before June when Summer will shake its head and say, “Settle down, children.  Daddy’s turn to come out and play.”

Until then, I will have a headache.

Seriously.  Until the pressure systems that cause this clustermuffin of weather insanity choose to sort themselves out, my sinuses will have me alternating between crippling pain and crippling dizziness.  Sometimes I get both at once!  It’s exciting.  Really.  I promise.

In an effort to soothe my savage sinuses, I’ve been trying out a number of comforting, soothing teas.  I wanted something that would make me feel relaxed at the end of a long day–something very low in caffeine, sweet enough to be sipped on its own, and able to help me ease out of the tension that fills a day that chiefly involves chasing a toddler while my head is throbbing.

I was very excited to see whether Molly Hooper, a blend named after my favorite girl from Sherlock, would be able to accomplish all of that.



When I opened the bag, I promise you I thought the contents looked more like trail mix than tea.  Molly is a blend of Chamomile, Cherry Herbal, and a white tea called Snowbud–all of which are big, bulky, oddly-shaped plants.  It’s a colorful, fun sight, once you get over the fact that it looks nothing like any other tea in your collection.  It’s kind of like flowers in a meadow, reminiscent of Molly’s assortment of flower-printed shirts.



The prettiness of the tea definitely continues into the brewing.  It’s a very light tea, as one might expect from the contents, and it’s just slightly pink.  It looks extremely feminine, and again is perfectly suited to shy, demure Molly.   I can’t help but smile when I’m watching it brew.

It gets a bit darker than this, but I was stupid and didn't take a picture of it when it was actually finished brewing.

It gets a bit darker than this, but I was stupid and didn’t take a picture of it when it was actually finished brewing.

I had to brew this several times to get it just right.  I’ve discovered that, while I do like this tea a lot, I only like it under very specific circumstances.  It can’t be too strong or too cold.  The second this tea starts to be anything less than really, really warm, it takes on an  unpleasant metallic taste that I assume must originate from the cherry herbal (I’ve heard that hibiscus-based herbal teas can do that sometimes).  Hot, though, it is every bit as lovely and relaxing as I had hoped it would be.

Molly Hooper is crisp and lightly sweet.  The cherry flavor blends very well with the honey-apple floral taste of the chamomile.  I really don’t know the flavor of snowbud on its own, as I’ve only ever had it in blends, but I imagine it contributes somehow to the overall experience.  Perhaps it lends a gentle tea background flavor to a predominantly herbal blend.

Though Molly is relaxing, this blend is not what I would call cozy.  It lacks a warmth and a fullness of body that is required for a truly cozy tea, at least for me.  It is, though, something of a sighing tea.  It’s the kind of tea that you can sip and then take a deep breath and let out all of the anxieties of the day, because it’s finally evening and you’re at home with a nice warm cup in your hands.  This isn’t a tea that I’d want for cuddling up in blankets and watching movies, but it is one that I would sip if I had the sniffles, or a sore throat, or, of course, a headache.  It’s perfect for curing what ails you–which, again, is perfectly suited to its namesake.

You can buy Molly Hooper Blend Tea from Adagio.  Maybe it’ll be just the thing to get you and your sinuses through the rest of “spring.”

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