Con Prep BUY A THING! Honey Stix

This week’s posts will be largely occupied by discussions about C2E2, in some vain attempt for me to feel adequately prepared for my first con experience ever.

The advice I have received over and over again about C2E2, or any large con, is BRING SNACKS AND DRINKS.  You’re busy with traipsing about the convention hall, taking things in, waiting in line for panels, waiting in line for autographs, meeting and talking to interesting people . . . sometimes you just don’t have any time to stop and eat.

Okay, this is fun and all, but if we miss out on meeting Felicia Day because you couldn’t chew your fries fast enough I WILL CUT YOU.

This is especially important advice for me to follow, as I am moderately hypoglycemic.  Since the beginning of college, especially, when your schedule is different every day and regular eating habits are a funny memory, I discovered that sometimes I would begin to feel EXTREMELY unwell if I didn’t eat on time, even if  only postponed my lunch by half an hour or so.  I started taking little snacks with me everywhere–Craisins, cereal bars, etc.–so that I would always have something on hand if I felt my blood sugar dipping below acceptable levels.

As I prepare for C2E2, I’m putting a lot of thought into what sorts of edibles I’d like to have on hand.  They need to be portable, of course, and not prone to crushing/smooshing in a shoulder bag that will be getting smooshed against tables, walls, and claustrophobically-close passers-by.  I need to have substantial snacks for when it looks like we won’t be able to get a meal for a while.  I also need smaller nibbles for throughout the day, when a little boost of energy is all I need to get me through this panel to the next opportunity to eat real things.  I’d like to have a chance to eat fun food while we’re in Chicago, and don’t always want my appetite to be spoiled by a stomach full of granola.

Fortunately, I received a visit from a friend this weekend, and she introduced me to the wonder that is Honey Stix.

Not, as you may think, the world’s tiniest freeze pops.

I was extremely skeptical when my friend started talking about Honey Stix.  She has been using them as a low-calorie sweet treat to cut down on desserts and help her lose weight.  “Only 20 calories!” she enthused as she brandished a thin plastic tube filled with vaguely translucent pink gel, and then consumed it with great gusto.  I nodded slowly, filed it under “weird but whatever, do what works for you,” and changed the subject.

Eventually, though, she offered me one to try, and I finally caved.  Wow, am I glad I did.  These little treats are simple enough–they’re just a sealed plastic tube filled with honey.  You can get them in naturally-occurring honey varieties, and also modified with natural flavorings to produce a number of different taste experiences.  The tubes I have eaten so far have been pink lemonade, and they were delicious.  Sweet and yummy but oddly not cloying on the throat at all, Honey Stix are the perfect little bite when you just need a quick shot of sugar and nothing else.

When I went to order my own Honey Stix, I discovered ideas for even more ways to use these sweet treats–use them to flavor coffee or tea, post-workout energy boosts, or even flavorings for yogurt.  Since our family buys plain greek yogurt by the tub and I often eat it drizzled with a bit of honey, and of course you all already know about my tea obsession, both of those sounded like AMAZING ideas to me.  I’m very excited about the possibilities for Honey Stix.

Another great note about these? They are REALLY inexpensive.  I am getting 100 Honey Stix, ten varieties of ten stix apiece, for under twenty bucks (before shipping).  For those of you who are pursuing a healthier/greener/non-processed food lifestyle, they are 100% natural and the site where I bought mine is an independent group of beekeepers selling their products online directly from the source.

If you’re looking for a blood-sugar booster, a small dessert alternative, or a new flavoring agent for drinks and snacks, I’d highly recommend browsing the many flavors of Honey Stix that are available.  I know I’m looking forward to getting mine.

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