No but I’m ACTUALLY Alive This Time!!!

it has been a ridiculously long time since i’ve updated this blog.  Too long.  really really too long.

There are a lot of reasons that this blog went on unannounced hiatus for several months, but none of them are very interesting.  Let’s just say that I spent many months with my time and creative energies sapped by other projects and needs, and this blog kinda fell by the wayside.

Hopefully, that is at an end now, for several exciting reasons:

  1. I got a new computer, and it is the bomb diggety.  Chromebook all the way, friends.
  2. I am officially done with all of my classes (!!!!) which means that I can blog without that nagging “shouldn’t I really be doing homework instead?” thing hovering over my head.
  3. My son, C, is a bit older and a little more autonomous now, so I can be typing a bit during his playtime and not worry about him setting fire to the entire house.
  4. I have lots of ideas for posts again.

I’m not going to try to blog daily here.  This blog is best when I save it for my longer thinkpieces, like Doctor Who and Devotions (SO MANY OF THOSE TO DO AIEEEEE), and do my more mundane and time-wasty blogging on tumblr (where I spend entirely too much time anymore).

I’ve set a goal for myself this year, to try to write something once a week.  Whether that is a post on this blog, or a small fiction piece, or bits and pieces of other projects I have floating around in my head, something needs to get written. I’ve realized that writing and blogging are a big part of my life and ministry and probably always will be, and the best way to improve my writing is to write.  After all, I believe God gave me both the gifts and the passions for writing for a reason, and so I’d better exercise the living bananas out of those skills and make them truly shine for Him.

Plus, I might as well have some fun along the way.

Thanks for checking in again after so long.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I hope that in the coming weeks, I’m able to string some words together that make it worth your while.

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